Top Ten Areas EA Needs To Improve On For Madden 24

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Madden, the iconic football video game franchise developed by EA Sports, has long captivated fans with its immersive gameplay and realistic football simulation. However, no game is perfect, and there are areas where EA Sports can focus on improving the Madden experience. In this article, we will delve into the top ten areas where EA Sports can enhance Madden, making it an even more engaging and authentic representation of the sport.

1. Gameplay Physics:

Improving the physics engine is crucial to creating a more realistic gameplay experience. Implementing more accurate player collisions, tackling dynamics, and overall player movement can add depth and authenticity to the game.

2. Franchise Mode:

The Franchise mode is a favorite among Madden players, but it requires substantial improvements. Enhancements such as a deeper and more immersive story-driven experience, better player progression, more realistic trade logic, and expanded customization options would greatly enhance the longevity and replayability of Franchise mode.

3. AI and Player Behavior:

Addressing the artificial intelligence (AI) and player behavior in Madden can significantly enhance the game’s realism. Improving the decision-making capabilities of AI-controlled players, as well as their understanding of situational football, would lead to more strategic and engaging gameplay.

4. Presentation and Commentary:

Madden could benefit from a more immersive and dynamic presentation, including enhanced commentary and more authentic broadcast-style graphics. Incorporating real-time analysis, dynamic camera angles, and accurate play-by-play commentary can create a more immersive and true-to-life broadcast experience.

5. Online Experience:

Improving the online experience is crucial for players who enjoy competitive and cooperative play. Enhancements such as smoother matchmaking, reduced latency, and improved server stability would create a more enjoyable and seamless online experience for Madden players.

6. Player Customization:

Expanding player customization options would allow gamers to create more unique and personalized experiences. Adding a wider range of customization options for player appearance, equipment, celebrations, and even team branding would greatly enhance player engagement and immersion.

7. Realistic Player Ratings and Attributes:

Ensuring accurate and consistent player ratings and attributes is essential for Madden’s realism. Careful attention should be given to accurately representing player skills, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as reflecting player performance throughout the season.

8. Real-Time Roster Updates:

Keeping the game’s rosters up to date throughout the NFL season is crucial. Implementing real-time roster updates, including trades, injuries, and player performance adjustments, would enhance the game’s authenticity and keep it in sync with the ever-changing NFL landscape.

9. Enhanced AI Coaching:

Integrating more robust AI coaching and game planning would provide a more realistic simulation of real-world NFL coaching strategies. This could involve incorporating more varied and dynamic play-calling, situational awareness, and adaptive AI decision-making.

10. Community Engagement and Feedback:

Lastly, fostering a stronger connection with the Madden community and actively seeking and incorporating player feedback is vital. Regular updates, transparency in development, and listening to the community’s suggestions and concerns can help shape a Madden experience that resonates with the players.


While Madden has been a beloved football video game franchise for decades, there are areas where EA Sports can improve to deliver an even more immersive and authentic experience. Enhancing gameplay physics, revamping the Franchise mode, refining AI and player behavior, and focusing on presentation, online play, customization, and realism will elevate the overall Madden experience. By actively engaging with the community and considering their feedback, EA Sports can ensure that future iterations of Madden truly capture the spirit and excitement of America’s favorite sport.

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